Patrick Watson & The Cinematic Orchestra

Patrick Watson is a Montreal-based art quartet that carries the name of its chief songwriter and frontman. They exploded onto the Canadian and international scene at the end of 2006, and co-wrote incredible tracks with The Cinematic Orchestra. Learn more →

Holly Heist

Holly Heist is a Pop Rock trio out of southern maine, the group started there freshman year of high school. Playing basements and grange halls they quickly gained a following. Learn more →

James Brown

Plain and simply, James Brown has helped define and change the way we hear music today. The "Geronimo" catalog contains some of the most substantial songs written by the "Godfather of Soul" himself. Learn more →

David J. Roch

David J. Roch is a composer of highly emotive and singularly gorgeous music. David is blessed with a broad ranging voice that can suddenly take flight in an otherworldly soprano whilst plumbing the most ravaged depths of melancholy.Learn more →

Trey Ewald

Trey Ewald is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Long Island, NY who has been playing and writing music for the better part of his short 19 years. After a few stints with different bands, he is now a solo artist eager to share his debut EP, "3" with the world.Learn more →

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